Company Secretarial Services

A company incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liability is required to appoint at least a company secretary in accordance with Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong (Chapter 622) in order to fulfill the statutory requirement and maintain the operations of company.

The Company Secretary is an official post, which is responsible for reporting the structure and any changes of key management of company to the Companies Registry. In addition, proper convene board meetings, convocation of shareholders annual general meeting and provision of professional consultation on relevant laws and regulations are also required.

Our affiliate business partner, Fintax Corporate Consultants Limited, offers comprehensive secretarial services so as to avoid the embarrassment and perplexity at the time of confront regulations of our clients. We also take responsibilities on the compliance of our clients over the terms of Companies Ordinance, Articles of Association, Companies (Directors’ Report Regulation, Companies Jummary Finanical Reports) Regulation, Business Registration Ordinance, Stamp Duty Ordinance and Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (Chapter 622, Laws of Hong Kong), etc. Publication for new and revised ordinances will also be delivered on an irregular basis in order to update clients, as well as avoidance of misunderstanding or unnecessary penalty.

Our scopes of company secretarial services are include:
  • To manage and keep the company’s statutory book (register of shareholders / directors);
  • To arrange for meeting of shareholders and board of directors and prepare minutes;
  • To prepare and submit Annual Return;
  • To manage the issues of share transfer, allotment and increase in capital;
  • To manage the issues of change company name, change of registered / business address;
  • To manage the issues of appointment and resignation of directors / company secretary;
  • To manage the issues of change of personal particulars of directors / company secretary;
  • To manage the issue of application of deregistration
  • To act as the nominee registered members and directors.