Company Formation

Hong Kong has always been known as an international financial centre and a leading business and trading hub within Asia. It has historically ranked high in surveys on international competiveness because of the success of tax system and unique financial policies. As an international financial centre and enjoying policies from central government of China, Hong Kong is a good place to start up a business and also a major channel for overseas investment in mainland China.

Our affiliate, Fintax Corporate Consultants Limited (“Fintax”), provides an all-inclusive formation services to our clients starting from checking company name, drafting the Company’s Article of Association, even to open of bank account, you just simply give out the instructions and relevant information to us so as to let your new company easily and smoothly formed. To set up a limited company no matter a private company limited by shares or a private unlimited company with a share capital is easy and simply, it requires at least one director and one member, a resident company secretary and a HK registered office (P.O. box is not allowed). However, none of the directors nor members are required to be HK residents.

Fintax would set up the following companies to you:

  • A private company limited by shares;
  • A private unlimited company with a share capital; and
  • A company limited by guarantee without a share capital.
Going offshore

Going offshore could be a very well viable financial strategy for many entrepreneurs especially for IPO or listing. There are many advantages going offshore including personal privacy, asset protection, tax reduction, security and stability, unrestricted flow of capital, transfer of assets, and more. If you are looking to invest in property, set up a business or just save some money tax-free, protecting your assets, going offshore is the best choice.

Our secretarial company, Fintax Corporate Consultants Limited, can assist you to going offshore in the following jurisdictions:

  • British Virgin islands;
  • Cayman Islands;
  • Marshall Islands
  • Samoa; and
  • Seychelles